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My Services

I provide specialized one-on-one educational therapy and tutoring for students both in person and online with a variety of learning needs and in a variety of subject areas, with the ultimate goal of helping students feel successful in and out of school and increasing student's confidence in their academic abilities.

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Academic Support

I have experience tutoring and teaching many academic subjects, including Spanish (through AP level), Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Earth Sciences, English (through AP level), History/Social Studies, and Psychology.

$75/hr ($40/half hr)


I assess, plan, and develop materials personally for each student to create a curriculum that is best suited for them and their learning needs. I am also available to meet with other educational professionals in the student's life to coordinate best teaching approaches. Lastly, I am trained in Orton-Gillingham, a multi-sensory approach to teaching literacy.

$90/hr ($50/half hr)

Home Schooling
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Admissions Essays

I help my student craft an essay that highlights their strengths and potential. I take the time to walk through the entire essay writing process with them, starting with a brainstorming an outline and coaching them through the critical thinking and strategic writing process, emphasizing the importance of editing and refining multiple times.  

$90/hr ($50/half hr)

Independent School Entrance Exams

Many private schools require an admissions test or entrance exam with their application. While I teach the students the content of the exam, I also teach test-specific strategies to make taking the exam easier and less intimidating.


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Executive Functioning Coaching

Executive functions are the cognitive processes that help students initiate tasks, stay focused, prioritize assignments, organize work, plan ahead, and achieve their goals. Many students with learning differences need support with strengthening their executive functioning skills. As an executive functioning coach, I will focus on helping the student learn how to study rather than focusing on the subject matter itself.

$90/hr ($50/half hr)

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